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Standard Children Sessions

If you have a runner, it is always helpful to let me know ahead of time so I can plan a "confinement prop" such as a basket or bucket that they will undoubtably break free from (hopefully after the shutter click) moments later.


If you have an outfit planned, the sooner you can let me know the better so I can set up for your session before instead of after you arrive.

Standard Session

  • The number of photos varies but usually we get about 20 really good ones.

  • Online album

  • Print release

Cake Smash

(see above for tips during the standard session portion)

  • The number of photos depends on your child but usually we get about 50 really good ones.

  • Before the cake photos

  • Session during the smash

  • Clean up

  • Digital download

  • Print release

Standard session is $100 due at the time of booking.

Cake smash session is $150, does not include the cake for allergy reasons, and is due at the time of booking.


...or fruit smash...

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